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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Romance Your Partner This Valentines Day On A Budget #Valentines #budgetfriendly

Valentines Day is coming up very soon and if you are like me you may be worried how you are going to add a little more romance this year and not spend a fortune. There are many little extra's that you can do to make your Valentine feel loved and extra special. It does not have to cost lots of money to add extra spice to your love life.

  • Leave "I love you messages" all over the house: Either buy a cheap pack of valentines or make your our out of red construction paper. Write love notes and leave them in places that you know he/she will find them all day (or the week before).

  • Mail a card to them at work or home. Kids love this too, they love getting mail. Handmade cards work just as well as store bought cards, get the kids involved. 

  • Fill their car full of red paper hearts with " I love you" written on them. You can even find silk rose petals at the dollar store. Leave a special treat bag of Valentine candy or coupon on their seat or dashboard.

  • Draw hearts and leave kisses with red lipstick on the bathroom mirror and rear-view mirror. Put a napkin with your lip prints in their pocket secretly or in their lunchbox. 
  • Create your own Valentines coupons for free massage, free night out, free foot rub, free car wash....etc (you can find many printables online for free, just search. Pinterest has lots of ideas. Here are some spicy coupon book ideas 
  • Give your partner a back rub or foot rub, use some peppermint or lavender essential oils that will calm or rejuvenate them after a long day at work.

  • Meet for coffee and make it a date at a quiet bookstore just to talk.

  • Go on a picnic, if you can't get away from home , just wait til all the kids are in bed and have a picnic on the bedroom or living room floor. Light some candles or use some Christmas lights for a romantic effect. Fix a nice plate of cheese, fruit, wine or sparkling cider and enjoy each other. 

  • Make chocolate covered strawberries or your love's favorite desert, have it with a sparkling wine or cider in your best glasses. If you don't have fancy wine glasses, they sell plastic wine or champagne glasses cheaply at any party store.

  • If you have a fireplace or fire-pit , have a roasted marshmallow/smores night and include the kids. You could even make hot cocoa with whipped topping and red sprinkles. 

  • Celebrate after Valentines Day when everything is half off. Save money for next year by shopping sales the day after any holiday for items you need for the next year. Keep them in a storage box or storage bag labeled so you don't forget. 
  • Visit your local dollar store for cards, candy, mylar balloons, candles, wine glasses and other assorted items to make this Valentines Day budget friendly. 

Happy Valentines Week from TMN

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