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Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY Halloween Costumes: Fast, Easy, and Almost Free!

The following almost free costumes can be fashioned for both kids and adults!

Gift Costume
Got a few largeish cardboard boxes shoved in the corner of your garage (maybe left over from last Christmas, or piled up in the to-be-recycled stack?) Make quick and easy Halloween use of one by creating a gift costume!
(Make sure said box is free of rodents, spiders, and the like.)

  1. Wrap the box in your favorite holiday paper.
  2. Cut a hole in the top for your head.
  3. Cut a hole in the bottom large enough to climb into.
  4. Cut holes on each side for arms.
Dress in neutral clothes underneath. Once you're in the box, attach a giant gift bow to the top of your head, and grab a holiday gift bag with which to collect candy!

Ah, the easiest costume in the book. It may not last longer than one night, but it certainly will turn heads!

  1. Dress in light-colored long-sleeve shirt and long pants.
  2. Starting at one shoulder, tuck the end of a roll of toilet paper into the top of the shirt, and wrap (lightly) around the neck, continuing down the chest and torso, making sure to overlap the layers.
  3. Tuck another end into a section under each arm, and wrap arms to wrists; tuck the ends into long sleeves.
  4. Wrap the pants separately, from bottom to top: Tuck one end into the cuff of one pant leg, and wrap upward toward the top of pants. Continue wrapping around waist area, then continue down other leg, and tuck end into other leg cuff.
  5. Ends can also be secured with tape or a glue gun.
  6. Finish off by wrapping head and face, if desired!
Bunch o' Grapes
Feeling "Fruit of the Loom" this Halloween? This simple costume will pop in a crowd! (Literally. Just be careful.)

  1. Blow up at least 20 balloons to different sizes — purple or green, whichever you prefer.
  2. Get dressed (use green or purple long-sleeved shirt and pants)
  3. Pin the knotted end of each balloon to the clothes. Pin the largest balloons to the arms and shoulders; pin the smallest to the lower torso, so you create a "bunch" shape.
  4. Top with a grapevine hat: hot glue the ends of a large green square of felt together (making a cone shape). Twist the top to make a "vine." (secure the vine shape by using rubber bands or hot glue).
Family Ideas
With a little luck by scouring craigslist, visiting Goodwill, and utilizing your inner homemade craftiness, these family-themed costumes will be a hit!

Pirate Ship
Ahoy, mateys! The pirate is an easy costume to create with household items. You'll have a ship full of scallywags in no time!

Each person will need the following:
  • sweatpants with elastic ankles
  • long socks
  • a loose white (or horizontal-striped) shirt
  • a scarf or sash in any color
  • a bandana
  • an eye patch, a pirate hat, a hook, or other pirate accessory
Pull the sweatpants up to the knees. Tuck the shirt into the pants, and wrap the scarf or sash around your waist several times, knotting at the side. Wrap the bandana on your head; add your accessories, a pair of black shoes or boots, and voila! Instant pirate family.

If you've always dreamed of being a superhero family, here's your chance to make it happen. Just choose a central color scheme, and go from there!

Each person will need the following:
  • a cape (make one out of old sheets, using a safety pin or clothespin to fasten)
  • a T-shirt with your super logo transferred on (e.g., SM for SuperMom, SK for SuperKid)
  • leggings (or sweats for the guys, unless they like wearing tights)
  • running shoes; superheroes are fast.
  • eye masks in your central color
Put everything on, and presto — SuperFamily to the rescue!

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  1. The mummy is probably the easiest and most handy halloween costumes. Thanks for sharing you ideas on homemade halloween costumes as Halloween is fast approaching and many people like me are looking for ideas. Cheers!

  2. The mummy is probably the easiest and most handy halloween costumes. Thanks for sharing you ideas on homemade halloween costumes as Halloween is fast approaching and many people like me are looking for ideas. Cheers!
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